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Dr. Chi Viet and patient Frank
Conquer Cancer-funded researcher Dr. Chi Viet and her patient Frank

"It’s More than Just Being Cancer-Free."

For survivors Brian and Frank, sharing their stories allows their experiences with cancer to have purpose: helping to raise funding and awareness for cancer research.

Hannah Cotto and mother

Our Grants and Awards Program

Conquer Cancer grants and awards support clinical and translational cancer research done by gifted physician-scientists at every stage of their careers, from the best and brightest among young investigators to senior researchers providing mentorship opportunities for the next generation of cancer researchers.

Dr. Sarah Nyagabona in a white coat and smiling facing forward in a clinical setting.

Closing the Care Gap

Conquer Cancer-funded researcher Dr. Sarah Nyagabona works to better understand how HIV infection affects the health-seeking behaviors of patients with breast cancer in Tanzania and explores new strategies to help ensure they are included in the planning phases of clinical research and patient care.

Dr. Arsen Osipov headshot.

Improving Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

Supported by two Conquer Cancer grants, Dr. Osipov hopes to render pancreatic tumors more vulnerable to treatment, making it more effective for patients.

Dr. Clyde Yancy in a white coat, arms crossed, standing outdoors and facing forward.
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The Woman Whose Cells Lived On

Henrietta Lacks: Her name is forever intertwined with Black history and medicine. Her cells are the source of the world’s first immortalized human cell line. Without her consent, her biological material was used to make groundbreaking advancements in research in a wide range of conditions and diseases, including AIDS and polio to radiation treatment and cancer care. More than 70 years have gone by since Henrietta Lacks passed away from ovarian cancer at age 31. And yet, today, the Lacks story remains just as relevant for Black patients in the U.S. and around the globe.

In this episode of Your Stories, we’re joined by Dr. Clyde Yancy, a member of the Henrietta Lacks Foundation Board of Directors and a professor of medicine and vice dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Northwestern University. Dr. Yancy provides unique insights into Lack's unforgettable place in history, the implications for building and maintaining trust in modern medicine, and what can be done to foster equity and representation for Black patients in cancer research. Together with host Dr. Don Dizon, he also unpacks the importance of diversifying the medical workforce and why it matters for Black patients and patients of color to see themselves in their providers.

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