25 Years of Conquering Cancer

For a quarter-century, Conquer Cancer has strived to help early-career investigators and the brightest minds in cancer research turn promising ideas into lifesaving realities. 

25 years of Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation
The Greatest Support
Conquer Cancer has raised more than $500 million to support cancer research, education, and programs in 88 countries. Now, as it marks its 25th anniversary, Conquer Cancer aims to create 25 new YIA endowments. This will ensure we can keep supporting new researchers for many years to come.

The Young Investigator Award (YIA) is a one-year grant worth $50,000 aimed at helping doctor-scientists as they move from a fellowship program to becoming faculty members. It gives them a financial boost to start their research in clinical oncology with the support of a mentor. The grant also covers costs for staff, research needs, and travel, including attending important events like the ASCO Annual Meeting.

Dr. Clifford Hudis, ASCO Chief Executive Officer, emphasizes the significance of these awards in training and validating researchers. Conquer Cancer stands out as the biggest supporter of early-career oncology researchers worldwide, offering help regardless of where they are or what they're focusing on. This support is crucial at a time when researchers are most vulnerable and their career paths are uncertain.

“Our awards provide training and validation, and we take this responsibility very seriously. This is about building the broad base of researchers that the world needs to make advances.” - Dr. Hudis

Dr. Howard A. Burris III, chair of Conquer Cancer’s Board of Directors, highlighted the challenges of securing funding early in a researcher's career when they lack a strong track record. The initial funding boost from Conquer Cancer often kickstarts their journey to success.

“That initial jumpstart in funding from the world’s premier oncology professional society is often the key to getting these outstanding individuals up and running.”  - Dr. Burris

Dr. Burris also stressed the importance of mentorship provided through these grants. Mentors not only offer scientific guidance but also help recipients apply for future grants and explore new opportunities. They guide them through career development, including applying for larger grants from other organizations, ultimately benefiting patients and advancing research.

As we marks our 25th anniversary, Conquer Cancer aims to create 25 new YIA endowments. This will ensure we can keep supporting new researchers for many years to come. We can keep funding lifesaving research every year, even if unexpected things happen. Having these funds secured lets Conquer Cancer focus on other important programs, all aimed at making sure patients get the best possible care.

Funding the Future

While this initiative is a major effort, it's not completely new for Conquer Cancer. Thanks to dedicated and generous supporters, the outlook remains positive. Here are some of those donors and how their generosity has made a lasting impact on cancer care now and in the future. Click on each donor to learn more about their impact.