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Below is a list of grant and award recipients. You may narrow the list down by using the filters below. The list can be sorted by year, last name, and institution. The institution listed reflects the sponsoring institution at the time of grant or award.

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Past Recipients Year First Name Last Name Degree Institution Title Grant Amount ($)
2001 Mary Eapen MBBS (MBBCh or MBChB) Medical College of Wisconsin Outcomes after Transplantation for Acute Leukemias in Children. 170,000.00
2001 Guillermo Garcia-Manero MD The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Studies of DNA Methylation in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. 170,000.00
2001 Ramaswamy Govindan MD Washington University A Pilot Study of Celecoxib in Patients with Barrett's Esophagus. 170,000.00
2001 Raffit Hassan MD The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Clinical Evaluation of SS1 (dsFv) PE38, a Recombinant Anti-Mesothelin Immunotoxin, in Patients with Mesothelin Expressing Malignancies. 170,000.00
2001 Manuel Hidalgo MD, PhD The University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio Targeting the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor for the Treatment of Colon Cancer. 170,000.00
2001 Eddy Hsueh MD John Wayne Cancer Institute Endogenous Immunity as Target for Melanoma Immunotherapy. 170,000.00
2001 Jaume Mora MD, PhD Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Gene Expression Analysis of Neuroblastoma. 170,000.00
2001 James Rubenstein MD, PhD The University of California, San Francisco Treatment and Prevention of Lymphoma Dissemination within the Central Nervous System. 170,000.00