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Nancy, Jake and Alex Berry
Behind the Breakthroughs
Pitching In
Nancy and Alex Berry were shocked when their son, Jake, was diagnosed with testicular cancer during a sports physical. He was only 16.

In this episode of Your Stories, the devoted parents discuss what it’s like to watch your child compete against cancer and share how the experience changed their family forever.

"I believe I can save your son..."

Decades before Jake was born, Dr. Lawrence Einhorn discovered a cure for testicular cancer, once a deadly form of cancer.

The Berrys were relieved when Dr. Einhorn told them he thought Jake could be cured, but the 10 weeks Jake spent in treatment were brutal.

"For Jake, as a 16-year old losing your hair, and not being able to go to school, and missing out on sports is an incredibly traumatic experience," said Nancy. "There's so many things to be afraid of during the process."

But when scans revealed Jake was cancer free it was "the best news we ever received in our life," declared Nancy.

How can we not help? 

Nancy and Alex recognize how fortunate their family is to have had benefitted from cancer research discoveries.

"You just have an appreciation for life that you might have taken for granted before," said Alex. 

They now donate to fund research to help others have the same hope they were given. 

 "I really feel a calling to help people going through this," said Nancy. "How can we not contribute or help these other cancers to become curable?"



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When someone in your family gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer.
Alex Berry