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Stacey White and family
Behind the Breakthroughs
Undaunted Dreams
What did Stacey White do after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time? She got a new degree, changed careers, and as she tells host and fellow survivor Brenda Brody, refused to let the disease deter the dreams she has for herself and her family.

When Your Whole World Changes

Between raising her family and traveling the world for her job, Stacey White scheduled a mammogram. She was shocked when, at 41, her busy life was interrupted after doctors discovered cancer. 

“Your whole world changes in that absolute moment,” says Stacey. 

For the next six years, she would relive the life-altering moment again and again, remaining hopeful at every turn. 

Attitude is Everything   

“Being told you have metastatic cancer is very much like getting hit by a truck,” says Stacey, “but I’m here to tell you, it’s not a death sentence.” 

Stacey describes the time after diagnosis until treatment ends as a race, recounting the various procedures she has endured with each diagnosis: lumpectomy, radiation, numerous surgeries, a clinical trial participation, and eventually a double mastectomy. 

Stacey and Brenda also discuss how cancer impacts patients and their family psychologically. 

Life Redesigned 

Up late one night, Stacey discovered an architectural class she thought would be interesting. Though in the midst of treatment, she began a Master's degree program in design. Eventually, she switched careers and now works as a residential designer. It has been four years since her last diagnosis. 

“Living with cancer is a real thing,” says Stacey, who after spending nearly a decade surviving cancer is “completely living what I was always meant to do.”  

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Your Stories
Chasing Passions

One patient’s story of refusing to let cancer define her life. 

Being told you have metastatic cancer is very much like getting hit by a truck, but I’m here to tell you, it’s not a death sentence.
Stacey White