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Dr. Lawrence Einhorn
Behind the Breakthroughs
How Lawrence Einhorn, MD, Cured Testicular Cancer
Testicular cancer was once the deadliest form of cancer for men. Decades ago, Dr. Einhorn tested a revolutionary chemotherapy combination that cured his patients. Today, he continues treating patients and serves on our Board of Directors.

A Miracle Mix of Chemotherapy Cures Testicular Cancer

In 1974, men diagnosed with testicular cancer faced an overall survival rate of 5 percent. Surgery was the only viable treatment option, and if it failed, the prognosis was fatal. 

Dr. Einhorn was a young medical oncologist at Indiana University Hospital. He was the first to test a chemotherapy combination in a landmark clinical trial that led to a cure for testicular cancer. Dr. Einhorn continued working on the treatment to find new ways to minimize toxic side effects and shorten the treatment. 

Following the discovery, the cure rate for metastatic cases went to 80 percent. Today, Cancer.Net reports the general five year survival rate for men is 95 percent.

Behind the Breakthroughs
The Path to a Cure

Dr. Einhnorn talks to his friend and colleague, Patrick Loehrer, MD, about how he outsmarted what was once the deadliest form of male cancer.  

Even in my youthful exuberance, I never would have dreamed that we would have such a high cure rate. This was my walk on the moon so to speak. You do this once in your lifetime.
Lawrence Einhorn, MD, a Conquer Cancer Board Member and Generous Donor