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Hear candid conversations between people conquering cancer – patients, their family and friends, and doctors and researchers working to help us all.

Mark Crafts
Behind the Breakthroughs
Team Crafty
Mark Crafts – who passed away in 2022 after living with stage IV colorectal cancer for more than four years – experienced an excruciating journey he describes as “climbing Cancer Mountain.”

“I just envision that I am on this long path that goes up and up and up,” said Mark, who shared his experiences with Conquer Cancer since the beginning of his diagnosis.

An avid cyclist, Mark spent much of his “Cancer Mountain” climb on a bike; he pedaled nearly 5,000 miles while in treatment. With an unflinching hope in cancer research, he told Dr. Mark Lewis how Team Crafty kept him rolling toward the next big breakthrough.


•    Thoughts on how to process cancer statistics mentally and emotionally   
•    How music can be transformative for patients
•    Tips for packing for a hospital stay
•    A message of hope and gratitude

Keep Rollin'

"I can't believe I'm here," said Mark Crafts, reflecting on the years he spent conquering cancer.

Mark credited breakthroughs in research and access to excellent medical care for his good fortune. Three of his doctors received support from Conquer Cancer. His care team was part of the support system of family and friends he caled Team Crafty. Their "Keep Rollin" battle cry and Mark's intense gratitude inspired him every time he faced another surgery or round of treatment.

Keep the Breakthroughs Coming

"It's not lost on me every day when I go in and out of that cancer center down in San Francisco or here in Petaluma," said Mark. "I've got all this advantage, and I recognize so many other people that are up against this do not have these resources, so we need to make them more available, more equitable, and do whatever we can to keep the breakthroughs coming."

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Climbing Cancer Mountain

California cyclist Mark Crafts, stunned with a mid-life cancer diagnosis, trusts in cancer research to keep rolling on the most unpredictable ride of his life.