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Neil and Nadja
Neil and Nadja
Your Stories
Neil Iyengar, MD, Talks About Diet and its Link to Breast Cancer
The two-time Conquer Cancer grant recipient is partnering with a meal delivery service as part of his study into how nutrition affects diagnosis and reoccurrence in patients with breast cancer. He and health advocate Nadja Pinnavaia, PhD, discuss what they know about eating to prevent and treat cancer.

You are What You Eat?

Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia has a long family history with cancer, but it wasn’t until her mother-in-law’s diagnosis with kidney cancer that she began connecting the healing power of a healthy diet.

“I didn't have an awareness of how much lifestyle and environment impacts our ability to stave off cancer cell growth when we have cancer and also increase our odds of survivorship,” said Dr. Pinnavaia.

How to Change Bad Habits

Low-carb? Vegetarian? Can patients make a drastic lifestyle change during the stress and struggle of cancer treatment?

“We're just starting to learn more about the biology behind our metabolisms and the promotion of cancer growth,” said Dr. Iyengar, “We can now bring together these fields of tumor and host biology, as well as nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle and start to offer interventions.”

Dr. Pinnavaia and Dr. Iyengar combine their expertise to better understand how to  making healthy fitness and nutrition choices can improve outcomes for patients.

Your Stories
Prescribing a Diet to Conquer Cancer

In this episode, a cancer researcher and nutrition expert join forces to help reduce the risk of cancer and share the latest research for maintaining a diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer.

If we can show that such an intervention does improve the landscape of the organ and thereby reduce the likelihood of developing cancer, I think we'll be standing in a place where we can make significant clinical impact.
Dr. Neil Iyengar, Conquer Cancer Researcher