International Innovation Grant

The International Innovation Grant provides research funding in support of novel and innovative projects that can have a significant impact on cancer control in low- and middle-income countries (LMCs). It is intended to support proposals that have the potential to reduce the cancer burden in local communities, while also being potentially transferable to other low- or middle-income settings.

The International Innovation Grant is a one-year research grant of up to $20,000 that is awarded and paid directly to a nonprofit organization or governmental agency (“Grantee Organization”) in a low-income or middle-income country. The number of International Innovation Grants in each funding cycle is not predetermined by the Conquer Cancer Foundation. Awards are given based on individual merit and availability of funds.  


All of the following criteria must be met in order to qualify for the International Innovation Grant:

Applicant Organization:

  • Must be an organization with a charitable purpose registered as a not-for-profit with the relevant national authority or must be a government agency.  This organization will administer the grant funds for the sole purpose of the project.  Examples of potential not-for-profit organizations are medical societies or associations, advocacy organizations, foundations, hospitals, and universities. 
  • Must be located in a country categorized by the World Bank as Low-Income, Lower-Middle Income, or Upper-Middle Income. (See Appendix A of the RFP for a list of countries, updated as of July 1, 2017.)  
  • Must have been operating for at least one full year, have an acceptable management structure and processes in place, and be solvent with or without the support of the International Innovation Grant.
  • Should have experience in carrying out activities with tangible outcomes.

Principal Investigator:

  • Must be a member of ASCO (any membership category) or have submitted a membership application with the grant application.
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of a country defined by the World Bank as Low-Income or Middle-Income, and currently residing in that country. 
  • Must be affiliated with the applicant organization.

Application Instructions

All applications must be submitted in accordance to the requirements and instructions of the International Innovation Grant Request for Proposals (RFP). All application materials must be in English and must be submitted through the Grants Portal. Paper applications or applications sent by e-mail or fax will not be accepted.


Conquering Cancer with Mya Thida, MBBS, PhD

What if more women could be saved in Myanmar from cervical cancer?
Mya Thida, MBBS, PhD of University of Medicine 1, Myanmar received a 2014 International Innovation Grant which is helping to prevent, detect, and treat cervical cancer in her home country. Read more.


Since 2014, 17 organizations have received the International Innovation Grant to support projects in Colombia, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Tanzania, and Uganda.

2017 International Innovation Grant Recipients

Saul Campos Gomez, MD, MSc
Centro Oncológico Estatal ISSEMYM, Mexico
Remote management of oral Chemotherapy: development and assessment of an e-tool for adherence and management of toxicities for a Mexican Public Health System
Tonia Onyeka, MBBS
University of Nigeria Enugu Campus
Enhancing Palliative Care in Rural South-East Nigeria: Use of an App for Symptom Management
Raya Saab, MD
American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon
Targeted education for general practitioners with development and application of a workflow for rapid second opinion, to promote early diagnosis and referral of children with suspected solid tumors
Liliana Vasquez, MD
ONCO-PEDS (Pediatric-Early-Diagnosis-System): A novel mobile application for early diagnosis and referral in childhood cancer


The 2018 International Innovation Grant is supported by:

Conquer Cancer Foudnation of ASCO.

This reflects commitments as of February 15, 2018.