ASCO and CCF Recognize Returning Donors Janssen Oncology, Genentech, and Amgen

May 31, 2017

CancerLinQ has been made possible in part by its generous donors whose collective support through their contributions are making the platform a reality. Donors to CancerLinQ® are a part of a coalition of patients, partners, providers, and supporters committed to improving cancer care and the lives of cancer patients through innovation and change. 

The American Society of Clinical Oncology, Inc. (ASCO®) and the Conquer Cancer Foundation® (CCF) continue to recognize these important donors. In this latest installment, ASCO® and CCF recognize the most recent returning donors to CancerLinQ®. Janssen Oncology, Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, and Amgen have all committed to the development of CancerLinQ®, a powerful platform containing growing amounts of real-world cancer information providing new tools and insights for quality care improvement. These donors share why they have continued to donate to CancerLinQ® over the years and why their peers should join them in supporting the platform’s continued growth and  development.

Janssen Oncology 
Janssen has returned as a donor to CancerLinQ® because it values the opportunity to support ASCO in this important initiative designed to gain new insights into cancer care and offer new alternatives to patients.

Janssen Oncology’s aim to bring transformational cancer solutions to the people who need them, initially motivated to company to donate to CancerLinQ® through the Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO. Harnessing and educating through “big” real-world cancer data may have enormous potential for the future of cancer treatment. Janssen believes CancerLinQ® is a promising resource to educate and support the needs of clinicians and the patients they serve.

“As a cancer community, we are all focused on improving patient care which is therefore synergistic with the vision of CancerLinQ®,” said Andree Amelsberg, MBA, MD, Vice President of Janssen Oncology Medical Affairs. “Each company that is devoted to finding solutions for cancer patients may have its own unique mission, but we are all in this together when it comes to doing what’s right by patients.  Working together on a project such as CancerLinQ® has the potential to bring answers more quickly.”

Genentech makes philanthropic investments that hold the greatest potential to advance research and improve patient care. This commitment to improving cancer care has inspired the organization's continuous support of CancerLinQ®.

“National discourse is increasingly focused on rapidly translating science into practice. Our belief is that the CancerLinQ platform is building a clinical database that helps strengthen both clinical and translational aspects of oncology across the U.S., so that healthcare stakeholders can more quickly identify areas for quality improvement and education, and eventually drive hypothesis-based scientific projects,” said Dietmar Berger, MD, Senior Vice President of Genentech Global Clinical Development. “The fundamental goal of Genentech funding pioneering projects is to spark innovation so that it can play a key role in supporting the work that matters most. Genentech believes that this is only partially possible if others support this effort.”

Amgen values its longstanding relationship with CCF and recognizes the important role CCF plays in advocating for the best interests of patients, physicians, education, and scientific pursuit in oncology. Amgen believes CancerLinQ® can aggregate and analyze the data contained in medical records and other sources to ultimately provide better treatment to cancer patients. 

“Amgen’s support of CancerLinQ® underscores our commitment to the important work CCF and ASCO do in the areas of research, education, communication, and collaboration,” said Tony Wagner, Director, Oncology Extramural Research. “CancerLinQ® is a progressive, forward looking initiative that will play an important part in the evolution of cancer care and that it will yield rich insights that will allow all of us to collectively provide better treatment options to patients.”

Amgen knows that advances in cancer research that lead to better treatments for patients can best come through collaboration across the stakeholders in the oncology ecosystem.             

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CancerLinQ® is supported in part through the Conquer Cancer Foundation, whose generous donors have helped make the system possible. Major supporters include Amgen; Astellas; AstraZeneca; Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Cancer Treatment Centers of America®; Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation; Genentech BioOncology™; HELSINN; Janssen Oncology; Lilly; Raj Mantena, RPh; Novartis Oncology; Pfizer Oncology; Thomas G. Roberts, Jr., MD and Susan M. DaSilva; and Susan G. Komen®.

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