ASCO and CCF Recognize Susan G. Komen® and Astellas

April 20, 2016

ASCO and the Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF) continue to recognize the donors whose generous contributions are making the vision of CancerLinQ™ a reality. In this latest installment, ASCO and CCF recognize Susan G. Komen® and Astellas for their commitment to individualized treatment. These donations will help ensure that CancerLinQ can provide new tools to provide quality care.

Susan G. Komen®
As one of the earliest stakeholders in CancerLinQ, Susan G. Komen has worked with ASCO and the Conquer Cancer Foundation over many years to further efforts in quality care and big data to generate patient specific treatment.

“As we continue to integrate big data and tools like CancerLinQ into cancer care, we foresee a great opportunity to incorporate information from, and share information with, community oncologists, many of whom care for patients from underserved or under-represented populations and/or work in areas of the country that may not have a major cancer center nearby,” said Judith A. Salerno, M.D., M.S., and Komen President and CEO.

CancerLinQ lends to Komen’s mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering others, ensuring quality care for all. By investing in science to find cures with the potential to bring the best, evidence-based research to these communities, Komen sees its support of CancerLinQ as an opportunity to level the playing field so that regardless of where an individual lives, he or she is receiving the highest quality of care.

As a global company committed to making a difference in the lives of patients with cancer, Astellas’ support for CancerLinQ is consistent with its commitment to patients with cancer and their caregivers.

By establishing the value of an individual medicine and treatment plan, Astellas sees CancerLinQ as an integral next step in oncology care. “The digitization of health care information enables healthcare professionals to better identify what works, for whom – and what doesn't and why,” said Jeff Bloss, MD, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, Americas, Astellas.

To Astellas, CancerLinQ will serve as a tool to provide health care professionals access to real-world data that will bring them closer to achieving high-quality, high-value patient care.

“In a rapidly changing health care environment, it’s critical for health care professionals to have access to real world evidence to be able to provide the best possible care for each patient’s unique diagnosis,” said Bloss. “CancerLinQ will create a clinical database that enables medical oncologists and their practices to identify current clinical trials available for their patients, gain insight into treatment options and patient outcomes for rare diseases and compare practice protocols against the entire database, resulting in expedited and efficient care to support our patients throughout their cancer treatment experience.”