CCF Affiliate ASCO Issues Statement on the U.S. Presidential Executive Order on Entry Into the United States

Jan 30, 2017

As the world's leading organization of physicians and oncology professionals who care for people with cancer and conduct clinical cancer research, the American Society of Clinical Oncology is deeply concerned about the potential impact of the recent executive order on cancer research, patient care, and international scientific collaboration.

Our more than 40,000 members in 148 countries lead the charge to conquer cancer in all its forms and in every nation. Tens of thousands of people from more than 100 countries participate in our scientific meetings to exchange advances and ideas to improve patient care. Millions of cancer survivors are alive today because of the progress made possible by scientific collaboration. Progress against this disease will falter if the close-knit global community of cancer care providers is divided by policies that bar members of certain nationalities from entering the U.S. to conduct research, care for people with cancer, or participate in scientific and medical conferences.

ASCO’s first commitment is to our members and their patients. We are reaching out to the ASCO members who are affected by the executive order and will do all we can to support their participation in ASCO’s scientific meetings and other educational opportunities that help advance patient care around the world. ASCO members who are affected—whether they reside in the United States or internationally—can contact ASCO for more information or to share their stories at

ASCO calls on national leaders to eliminate unjustified barriers to scientific exchange and medical education. We are engaging with public officials to ensure that the impact of these policies is understood, and to sustain and accelerate advances in science and cancer patient care.

The Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF) was created by the world’s foremost cancer doctors of the American Society of Clinical Oncology to seek dramatic advances in the prevention, treatment, and cures of all types of cancer. Toward the vision of a world free from the fear of cancer, CCF works to conquer this disease by funding breakthrough cancer research and sharing cutting-edge knowledge with patients and physicians worldwide and by improving the quality of care and access to care, enhancing the lives of all who are touched by cancer.

This article originally appeared on the ASCO Connection website.