The Truce Foundation honors CCF with poem: The Tropic of Cancer

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August 11, 2017

In a tradition celebrating the Olympic Games and other high-profile competitions, The Truce Foundation presents the Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF) of ASCO with an orginal poem, The Tropic of Cancer. The work, by Truce Foundation’s poet laurete Coline Goedecke, pays tribute to the Foundation’s mission and its designation as the official cancer charity of the 35th America’s World Cup.

How curious to be in two

of these tropics at once:

one warm and wonderful,

the other dark and sorrowful.

Each world with its own terrain,

yet between them

a latitude and longitude

where flowers grow.

This piece is within a larger body of work commissioned for the 35th America’s Cup, Ultramarine, which speaks to the spirit of the sea, to man’s relationship with nature, and to our greater possibilities. 

Other America’s Cup honorees include the six sailing teams through their sponsoring yacht clubs in France, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States; the people of Bermuda, America’s Cup Bermuda Limited, the America’s Cup Event Authority, and the America’s Cup Race Management.