The Foundation Giving team seeks support for the programs of Conquer Cancer and ASCO. We promote mutually-beneficial relationships with foundations and nonprofits that share our vision of a world free from the fear of cancer.

Support Opportunities

Grant recipients supported by Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (TNBCF) with TNBCF board member Chris Wilson (second from left). Photo credit: © ASCO/David Eulitt 2016

Conquer Cancer offers foundations and nonprofits great collaborative potential in the areas of research, education, quality and outreach. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • The Conquer Cancer Grants & Awards program focuses on supporting cutting-edge science and nurturing the careers of top clinicians. Funding may be directed to a specific cancer, research area, or geographic location. There are also opportunities to endow awards. Many of our foundation and nonprofit supporters maintain their own impressive grants programs while supporting one or more Conquer Cancer grants. They cite Conquer Cancer’s thorough vetting process and high quality of research and caliber of investigators as reasons for their continued support.
  • CancerLinQ™ is a health technology platform that harnesses vast amounts of “big data” from electronic health records into accessible “smart data.” CancerLinQ provides up-to-the-minute feedback, analysis, and guidance to health care providers and their patients, thereby transforming the quality and value of care.
  • Conquer Cancer seeks support for ASCO programs, including international initiatives, patient advocate scholarships, Cancer.Net, ASCO Annual Meeting tracks, to name a few. For a full menu, please refer to the Support Opportunities page.

We welcome your inquiry and the opportunity to present a proposal for your consideration.

Benefits and Recognition

John E. Leonard, PhD (right) of The John and Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation with YIA recipient Rafi Kabarriti, MD Photo credit: ©ASCO/Zach Boyden-Holmes 2014

Conquer Cancer strives to offer comprehensive and meaningful benefits and recognition for foundation and non-profit supporters. Examples (depending on level of support) may include:

  • Listing or logo recognition in materials and publications
  • Named-award recognition at the premiere oncology venue, the ASCO Annual Meeting
  • Feature article in a prominent ASCO publication, such as ASCO Connection (for new supporters)
  • Rigorous review and vetting process for research grants, monitoring, and reporting processes fully managed by Conquer Cancer
  • Invitations to special events

Various support opportunities offer different types of benefits and recognition. Please contact us for details.

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Annual Meeting

WWWW Foundation, Inc. (QuadW) with YIA recipients Breelyn Wilky, MD and Fernanda Arnaldez, MD (center) Photo credit:  ©ASCO/Scott Morgan 2012

Our Foundation Giving team wants to hear from you! We welcome your inquiry to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Susan Sandler, MBA, CFRE
Associate Director, Foundation Giving

Cooper Pate
Major Gifts Officer, Foundation Giving

Foundations and Nonprofits that help us Conquer Cancer