Who We Are
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The Healthcare Company Relations team at Conquer Cancer strives to conquer cancer through creating opportunities of collaboration, conversation, and cooperation with healthcare companies with a mission to provide the best quality of care for patients with cancer.  Our team is responsible for establishing new relationships, strengthening existing ones, and exploring opportunities to collaborate with companies that share common a goal to conquer cancer through prevention, research and education. By acting as your resource for Conquer Cancer and ASCO, our team ensures continuous dialogue with both organizations around the ever-changing landscape of oncology.

Healthcare Company Relations Team:

  • Ensures compliance around ASCO’s interactions with healthcare companies
  • Provides resources and acts as a liaison for healthcare companies on behalf ASCO and Conquer Cancer
  • Builds and strengthens value-based relationships with healthcare companies on behalf of ASCO and Conquer Cancer
  • Engages in meaningful dialogue with healthcare companies to positively impact quality of care in oncology and emphasizes value both for the industry and ASCO

Please refer to our FAQ to learn more about how we define and work with healthcare companies.

What We Do
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As the liaison between healthcare companies and ASCO and Conquer Cancer, our team welcomes the opportunity to engage with healthcare companies in a variety of ways. Our aim is to build value-based, long-lasting relationships with healthcare companies with the ultimate goal to ensure access to the best quality of care for all patients with cancer irrespective of type of cancer, and bring value to ASCO, Conquer Cancer and the company.

We do this through:

  • Ensuring you receive the information you need in a timely manner
  • Keeping companies updated on the latest news from ASCO and Conquer Cancer
  • Providing information on existing support opportunities on behalf of ASCO and Conquer Cancer
  • Solicitation of funding to support ASCO and Conquer Cancer programs

Please refer to our FAQ about the specifics of what we do.

Conquer Cancer Council
Corporate Conquerors Circle

Formerly the Corporate Conquerors Circle, Conquer Cancer is excited to announce the launch of the Conquer Cancer Council. The Council hopes to be a platform that brings together organizations interested in helping people with cancer and seeking dramatic advances in the prevention, treatment, and cures of all types of cancer. Learn more about the Conquer Cancer Council and how it can realize our vision of a world free from the fear of cancer.

Support Opportunities
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Our team has a variety of support opportunities available for ASCO programs, as well as a robust grants and awards program. We manage support for Conquer Cancer’s Mission Endowment, CME and non-CME educational opportunities for ASCO meetings, as well as onsite, digital and publication sponsorships for ASCO. View a full listing of our opportunities.

We are always looking for your feedback, so please contact to connect with us.

Please refer to our FAQ about the different support opportunities and their definitions.

If you are a third party vendor/media consultant working on behalf of a healthcare company, please also refer to our FAQ for Third Party Vendors.

Fundraising Booth Activities at the ASCO Annual Meeting
In addition to our above support opportunities, we work with healthcare companies to hold fundraising booth activities at the ASCO Annual Meeting where Conquer Cancer is the beneficiary. Contact us at for more details.

Sunshine Act and Compliance

ASCO and Conquer Cancer are committed to compliance with ACCME standards for commercial support and the Sunshine Act. As a result, ASCO is a signer of the Code for Interactions with Companies. To maintain high quality standards and comply with all company and ACCME guidelines, we work closely with our internal compliance team to ensure adherence to policies and guidelines specific to the work we do with healthcare companies. For more information regarding Sunshine Act or any questions about our compliance, please contact