Healthcare FAQ

  1. How do ASCO and Conquer Cancer define “healthcare company”?
    ASCO and Conquer Cancer follows the CMSS code, that defines a healthcare company as a for‐profit entity that develops, produces, markets, or distributes drugs, devices, services or therapies used to diagnose, treat, monitor, manage, and alleviate health conditions. 
  2. What types of support opportunities does your team handle?
    Our team manages information and solicitations for the following support opportunities on behalf of ASCO and Conquer Cancer:
    •    Continuing Medical Education opportunities (ASCO Annual Meeting Educational Tracks, ASCO sponsored and co-sponsored symposia)
    •    Non-CME educational opportunities (Proceedings and Educational Books, International Training Programs)
    •    Patient Advocacy Scholarships
    •    Conquer Caner Research Grants and Awards (Young Investigator Awards, Merit Awards, Career Development Awards, Medical Student Rotation (MSR) for Underrepresented Populations, etc.)
    •    Non-branded Onsite Sponsorships (Connectivity Bundles (Wi-Fi, Internet Stations), International Resources, Special Attendees Lounges, ASCO LIVE, iPlanners, etc.)
    •    Non-branded Publication Sponsorships (Program Publications Bundle, Journal of Global Oncology)
    •    Non-branded Digital Sponsorships (ASCO University, Meeting Library (Virtual Meeting, Abstracts, Meeting Posters, Meeting Slides, iMeeting), ASCO Membership Directory and iDirectory Mobile App)
    •    Conquer Cancer General Mission Support

    For a full listing of opportunities, please refer to the Support Opportunities page.
  3. What kind of acknowledgements do ASCO and Conquer Cancer provide to corporate healthcare donors? 
    Acknowledgments and recognition vary by program and by the amount of support received. Recognition can change based on what is available at the time support is received and other variables so please let us know if you have questions about a particular program. Please note that should any of the items listed cease to exist or change substantially such that Conquer Cancer is unable to acknowledge support as noted, Conquer Cancer will provide comparable recognition. Please contact for a full listing of recognition.
  4. Do any of the opportunities offer priority points I can use toward exhibit space selection at ASCO Meetings?
    Priority points are only offered for support of an endowed program whether it’s the Mission Endowment or any other endowment through Conquer Cancer, or a fundraising booth activity at the ASCO Annual Meeting with Conquer Cancer designated as the beneficiary. Please contact us at to learn about all the programs that can be endowed. Information on how to submit a fundraising booth activity request can be found by contacting Spargo, Inc. at 703-631-6200 or 800-564-4220.
  5. I have questions about exhibits at ASCO Meetings. Do you handle those?
    Exhibits are handled by Spargo, Inc. and they can be reached at 703-631-6200 or 800-564-4220. They can also handle any questions you have about exhibitor housing.
  6. Can I have access to the attendee mailing list for ASCO Meetings?
    You can purchase the attendee mailing list for ASCO Meetings through INFOCUS Marketing. For more information or to order, visit INFOCUS, call them at 800-708-5478, or email them.
  7. What is the difference between a sponsorship and advertising?
    We define sponsorship as support that receives a tangible benefit in return and provides a non-branded marketing opportunity for the supporter. All onsite sponsorships for ASCO Meetings go through Conquer Cancer.
  8.  Do you handle advertising for ASCO Meetings and/or Publications? 
    All advertising for ASCO meetings and publications is handled by Walchli Tauber. Contact Joseph Frank at or 443-512-8899 x 114 for more information. Advertising for The ASCO Post and ASCO Journals, including the Journal of Clinical Oncology, is handled by Harborside Press.
  9. I have an idea for educational content for an ASCO meeting. Can I send my idea to ASCO?
    ASCO’s educational and scientific programs are based on our members’ educational needs, and are developed through a volunteer-led planning process that provides no opportunity for donor input.  Also, ASCO follows ACCME accreditation standards which strictly limit input from donors.  Donors should be aware that under recent ACCME policies, donors who suggest CME programs or speakers outside of the grant application process would not be permitted to support those programs.
  10. Is Conquer Cancer an accredited provider?
    Conquer Cancer is not an accredited provider, but ASCO is. ASCO has been an accredited provider of CME since 1977, and is now jointly accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) to provide continuing education for the healthcare team through November 2022.
  11. My company has questions about Sunshine Act and the way Conquer Cancer reports/reconciles grants. Who can I contact about this?
    You can contact .