There are more than 14 million cancer survivors in the United States.4 More people survive cancer today than ever before thanks in part to people like you. But there is still more to do so we can create a world free from the fear of cancer. Start your fundraiser today!

Join #WeConquerCancer to start a personal fundraising campaign and help create a world free from the fear of cancer. Fundraising is easy with #WeConquerCancer, and there are so many fun and creative ways to help conquer cancer.

What will you do to help conquer cancer?

  • Dye your hair orange
  • Celebrate your birthday
  • Jump in cold water
  • Run a race
  • Lose weight
  • Shave your head!
  • Grow a mustache
  • Give up Holiday gifts

Start your fundraising campaign today at WeConquerCancer.net! It's easy!


Step 1

Decide to help build a world free from the fear of cancer.

1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. 2 in 3 will survive it.2 There’s hardly a person on the planet who isn’t affected by cancer in some way. So it’s in everyone’s interest and worth everyone’s efforts to do something about it. Right now, you can help take down cancer by joining the effort today.



Step 2

Register and start your personal campaign to conquer cancer.

It only takes a minute to set up a campaign. Decide what it is you want to do, select your fundraising goal, enter your details, and pick a photo. Just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money to help create a world free from the fear of cancer.



Step 3

Spread the word and watch the donations roll in.

Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal. Then sit back and watch the donations to help conquer cancer come in.



Step 4

See the impact of your efforts.

After your campaign is over, we’ll send you updates on the impact the Foundation is making with your help.

Ready? Get your campaign started!


You can do anything to raise money.

Need some inspiration? Check out a few of these Conquerors in Action.

Vipul and PriyaVipul & Priya's Wedding fundraiser
When Vipul and Priya got married, in lieu of wedding gifts, they asked family and friends to donate and raised over $5,600 in loving memory of their good friend Satori.




Judith Lindenau Sarah's celebration of life fundraiser for Judith
There are many meaningful ways to celebrate the lives of those we have lost. Judith was loved and admired by many and touched them through her music and art. When she passed away from complications related to end stage liver cancer, the family decide to celebrate Judith's memory and started an online fundraiser for cancer research, raising almost $3,000






Amy SmithAmy's $29 for turning 29 birthday fundraiser
On her 29th birthday, Amy Smith wanted to make her party a “Celebrate Life Soiree.” She created an online fundraiser to encourage her friends and family to donate $29 rather than bringing a gift. “I just said, I’m almost 30, let’s celebrate and put some money towards a good cause!” she said.





Alise FisherAlise's 7 years $700 fundraiser
For their birthdays, Alise and Riana Fisher asked family & friends to donate to support cancer research in memory of their extraordinary mother. What a meaningful way to celebrate!




2. CancerProgress.Net. Progress & Timeline. Timeline. Major Milestones Against Cancer. Available at: http://cancerprogress.net/timeline/major-milestones-against-cancer. Accessed April 7, 2015.
4. www.asco.org/survivorship