Behind the Breakthroughs
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Hear candid conversations between people conquering cancer – patients, their family and friends, and doctors and researchers working to help us all.

Dr. Soto and Dr. Chavarri pictured together in their clinic
Dr. Enrique Soto and r. Yanin Chavarri exchanging a smile
Behind the Breakthroughs
Enrique Soto, MD, and Yanin Chavarri, MD, Fall in Love While Conquering Cancer
Can cancer be a love story? It is for Enrique Soto, MD, and Yanin Chavarri, MD. The two oncologists met and fell in love while working on a research project. Dr. Soto is the recipient of three Conquer Cancer grants and is a generous donor.

When Oncology Research Is Also a Romance

Dr. Soto was in the second year of his medical fellowship when he developed an interest in geriatric oncology. He loved working with older patients who all had moving stories and experiences to share.  

Dr. Soto conducts most of his work in Mexico. He says a patient who lived in a small village once cooked an entire hen and brought it to the clinic as a gift for him. When he’s in the United States, his patients back home will send him photos when they’re at the clinic to let him know they’re doing well. The types of relationships he develops with his patients makes it all worthwhile, he says. 

During his first research project, Dr. Soto worked with Dr. Chavarri. The two researchers eventually got married. Together, they took what they learned to Mexico to help people with cancer. 

Behind the Breakthroughs
A Conversation Between Husband and Wife Oncologists

Dr. Soto and Dr. Chavarri speak together about how they met and what inspires their work. 

I think the best stories are those of patients who become part of your life, and you become part of their life. They call you when they feel bad, even if it's not related to their cancer.
Enrique Soto, MD, a Three-Time Conquer Cancer Grant Recipient